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ICC is located in Houston , Texas and has given personalized
service since 1972. Offering carpet cleaning, cleaning equipment,
chemicals and supplies.

At ICC we offer the Electrostatic Carpet Cleaning System. Our customers
range from large Hotel Chains, office buildings, small business and
Our system is ideal for in house carpet cleaning for Hotel chains.This
system performs cleaning without soaps, solvents or hot water extraction.
We guarantee our Carpet Cleaning System against any deterioration
of carpet fibers and pads, stretching, shrinking, separation of seams,
and discoloration of carpet or setting of stains, thus providing one of the
foremost Guarantees in the Carpet Cleaning Industry.

Our product cleans three times faster than any other system on the
market. Our produc
t also has the quickest drying time in the industry,
approximately twenty minutes.

Because there are no soaps or solvents used in this system, there
is no residue left to promote quick resoiling. The chemical is non-toxic,
bio-degradeable, nonflammable, has no hazardous effects, so therefore
does not require any special equipment or protective measures when
used or stored.
Houston businesses contact us to clean your carpets .

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